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September 6, 2020
Happy Labour Day to all my friends. 
So, not a lot more to do on the first painting in the 
"Messengers during a time of pestilence" series - Moose Man Spirit. 
The Baroque Soloist Summer Intensive is done and dusted.
And I'm still singing. 
Didn't I tell you I was a survivor ;-)))
Enjoy the long weekend friends.

July 20
I've been working on the central section of Moose Man 
during the last month or so, but I must admit, 
those two weeks of heatwave slowed me right down. 
Gosh, wasn't it a scorcher?

Musically - Just starting to work on a new trio of sublime songs. The 1st is by Mahler, and is called, in English, "I am lost to the world". The 2nd is a Schubert, "Nur wer die sehnsucht kennt". The 3rd is by Copeland, and is called "Heart, we will forget him". The 3 together are simply out of this world. I practise them every morning in the park, so I can really let loose.

April 8, 2020
 As I apply the finishing touches to my Pythia Series
I am absolutely over the moon to announce that 
I have started a new series.
It will be titled, in true Suzanne fashion
"Messengers During A Time of Pestilence".
The first messenger painting, which I started yesterday,
 will be called "Moose Man Spirit & The Harpies".
Just wade into your cultural legends to suss that out.
At least the first two will be 5ft X 6ft.
I'll post an image in a bit.

March 28, 2020
 Hope everyone is doing as well as possible.
I am getting lots of work done. Thank heaven for small mercies.
I'm trying not to let this difficult time go to waste.
Stay healthy my friends.

It would seem that Pythia has decided 
to arrive on Innaarsuit Island, Greenland 
as the skateboard queen. 
Just sayin'
  I'll keep you posted.... 

January 30, 2020
Notre Dame Burning: Pythia & The Great Red Dragon
has been rather slow moving. It's very large, 6 feet high and 4 feet wide to be precise, so it simply won't be rushed.

July 25, 2019

Well, today is really  going to be a good day.
My just about finished Pythia Series has been featured in

Canadian Art Junkie

Please have a look.

Well, "Pythia & The Christmas Eve Baby" is done.
It is inspired by the Christmas Eve, 2017, birth of baby white rhino, Theodore, at the Toronto zoo, and the adventures of Clara the rhino, born in 1738 in India and painted by Pietro Longhi. Miss Pythia meets the mother rhino and baby Theodore at a Venetian Ball.
It is 48" X 60" X 2" oil on canvas..

Click below to see what a big boy Theodore is now!!!!!

Theodore is now one year old!!! 

December 7, 2018
"Pythia in Paris as The Seine Breaches Its Banks"
oil on canvas 
5ft X 5ft

Working on the text engraved on the bridge, which BTW, 
is from a Pablo Neruda poem. 
Figuring out Pandora and her "chaos in a box" difficulties.
Added some scarlet tanagers leading the rowboat. 
My mother's favorite birds, also BTW.

June 13, 2018

Pythia was the designated name taken by each Oracle of Delphi upon her investiture. 
"Miss Pythia at her Annointing"
48" X 36" X 2"
oil on canvas 

Please see my Large Paintings Portfolio for more details.

December 23, 2017
Yesterday "Bears Picnic" was installed in its new home. 
 And, yes, that's my "Yellow Road: Faraway" up beside it on the left. 

September 18, In The Works

After a short hiatus painting drowning maidens, exotic flowers and deadly frogs, I'm back to my "Canada 150 Series", with this almost done painting of a herd of musk ox. Did you know that musk ox wool is the finest, warmest and most expensive wool in the world? Probably the most rare as well. 

"A Musk Ox Dilemma: What Time is it Mister Wolf?"
oil on birch cradle, 37" X 48"

I love a surprise!
Just got home and found that I had been featured, once again, 
by J. Walters, in her terrific
Canadian Art Junkie

Please check it out. 

Recent Media Exposure

 News Flash: I'm Featured in The Guardian !!!
Every Mother's Son is Featured in The Guardian

Moose by Moonlight is featured in The Guardian

Please go to 2016 lecture schedule to see what's up.

My Work Featured in The Guardian !!!

The London Guardian Exhibition & Media Exposure:

Here's a lovely digital assemblage of the Kings Place Guardian Exhibition now open in London England. Scroll down to see my Large Bowl of Fruit I .

The London Kings Place Exhibition ran from September 14 to October 9.  Kings Place is a new art complex beside King's Cross Train Station in London. The exhibition was presented by London's world famous Guardian newspaper. The curator was Guardian art critic Jonathan Jones aided by Hayward Gallery curator Gilly Fox. My oversized fruit bowl was included. Four feet of melon, pears and grapes....

I forgot to post this Guardian feature of a painting from my Yellow Road Series. It's called   Listen, Snow Flakes Falling.
Here's the full image...

Here's another Guardian featured drawing, from the same Large Bowl of Fruit Series as the one in the London show...Large Bowl of Fruit with Crow & Murmuration

Now do you understand why I love the Guardian...?

Would you like to see how my Big Landscape: Ghost Ranch series is progressing? I've just finished #7.

Since my return from France I have lectured at:

University of St Michael’s College - Continuing Education
University of Toronto - School of Continuing Studies
University of Toronto - Canadian Perspectives Lecture Series
Woodsworth College, U of T  – Alumni GM
George Brown College Treasures of The World Series - Art: Reflections on Society 
Humber College
Seneca College

Hot Docs Toronto
Campbell House Museum
The Arts & Letters Club
OCAD Continuing Studies 
Toronto Public Library (Deer Park, Gladstone, Runnymede, Don Mills, Eatonville..)
Toronto Reference Library 

Parsons Paris
Ephrussi Rothschild Museum, St Jean-Cap-Ferrat
Villa Kerylos, Beaulieu-sur-Mer, France
Ghost Ranch, Abiquiu, New Mexico
Women's Art Association of Canada

I was delighted to be part of the March Break program at       Georgia O'Keeffe's old ranch in New Mexico this year.

Ghost Ranch AIR (Artist Immersion & Rejuvenation)

I'm foolishly excited to see my studio featured in Hyperallergic

My Studio - featured in Hyperallergic - January 10, 2014

This is an article about my work that I forgot to post

An Article About My Work

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July 18


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