Small Drawings & Watercolours 2010-2018

June 27, 2018

Playing with some new supplies. 
Inktense pencils & blocks by Derwent are water soluble ink  (not watercolour) pencils and blocks.

June 4, 2018
Yesterday I did some more experimenting. In this work I used graphite powder, black & green water soluble carbon block, black pastel, white pastel and a touch of gold gouache.

"Struggle II"
22" X 30"
Fabriano 140lb cold press

May 31, 2018
New Media = New Ideas
Well, I've been back home in Toronto for almost a week now and I'm getting over my jetlag and starting to play with some of the new things I found in the local Paris art supply store. The 2 most impressive innovations were in the Derwent and the Art Graf lines. Derwent is British and Art Graf is Portugues. Both of these companies have been outdoing themselves in the development of graphite and watersoluble media. 

My first playday involved working with Derwent XL Graphite Blocks and an Art Graf water soluble graphite stick. 

Here is this morning's  result.... 

22" X 30"  
Fabriano 140lb cold press

There will be more to come very soon (tomorrow?) and also, I have to finish my Pythia paintings. I'll be busy the next few weeks ;-))))

New Paris watercolours and drawings - 2018
This is a selection of paintings that I've done in Paris over the past month. I've also done 5 small oils that I may post when I get home. The watercolours were very hard to photograph, but the texture of the paper looks very nice. 

Many of these works are 9" X 12, with about half a dozen being 6" X 9".

Nobody here but us chickens...
9" X 12"

Red Dress
May 7, 2017
16" X 12

This camera doesn't get the reds right...
seems to leave out the blue, making the red a little too orangey.

May 7, 2017
12" X 16" 

After The Wake
May 3, 2017
12" X 16"

Amsterdam & Paris
Fall, 2016 

Just posting a few today.
There are more.

White & black ink on tan paper
all 6" X 9"

Hanging Out in La Belle Province

June 26
Le Jardin Japonais au Jardin Botanique
12" X 9"

June 28
Au Vieux Port
12" X 9"

June 24 - Spent the day up on the mountain. Haven't climbed those stairs since I was about 11years old. This single beacon-like birch in a forest of darkness I found well out of the way, on a secondary path, isolated, filled with bird song, and a little bit spooky. 

9" X 12" on Arches

"There was a birch glowing against the darkness, like a beacon" (N/A)


April 23
Here are some of the small watercolours I did in Paris during the last few weeks. I'll post the small oils in a bit. My favorite is the stormy Luxembourg Garden painting. The sky was black but you could still see the Eiffel Tower. Ah..Paris. All are 9" X 12". 

My 2015 Christmas Series is called "Les Filles de Paris".
So far all are 17" X 14", graphite on white Fabriano paper.
It's very hard to take photos of such delicate drawings.

October 2014
Forgot to post these. There are many more...

Garden at the Rodin, 8" X 8"

Sculpture in Joan's Park, Paris I

Small Nudes
Ink & Wash

Gestures - 1 & 2 minutes

Charcoal drawings on handtinted vintage Larousse Folios

George & George, 2011

Charcoal on vintage Larousse Universal
31” X 12.5”

Vesuvius, 2011

Charcoal on vintage Larousse Universal
31” X 14.5”

Old Dog, New Dog, 2011

Charcoal on vintage Larousse Universal
31” X 12.5”

Two Crows Playing, 2011

Charcoal on vintage Larousse Universal
31” X 13.5”

Two Old Crows, 2011

Charcoal on vintage Larousse Universal
31” X 13.5”

New small ink & wash drawings based on studies done during my November 2012 Paris trip.

All are 16" X 12" unless marked...

From My Window, January 14, 2013

Sur le coin, January 13, 2013

View from #1 Quai Saint-Michel, 4th floor

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